Dream Prediction


Such type of dream is an indication of new beginnings and fresh starts in life. It signifies that you have a pure and selfless nature. Your child-like qualities that appeal to others will come forth during this time.


Dogs appearing in your dream indicate generosity, loyalty and protection. It also indicates that you need to work on a skill that you have not acknowledged or have ignored. You need to explore your hidden talents.

Being Chased

If you are running away from someone who is chasing you in your dreams, you have certain fears in your real life you need to confront. This indicates that there are issues and problems in your life that need your attention.


If you are afraid of something or someone in your dream, it means you are experiencing feelings of incompetence or doubt in your real life. These dreams are a reflection of all the confusion and problems that are ongoing in your life..


This type of dream means you are repressing you are going through some conflicting situations in life. Tensed situations that you are facing in your real life are being carried over into the dream world.


To dream that you are angry about something or someone indicates that someone close to you will disappoint and let you down. It is an indication of something unpleasant that is about to happen in your life or may have already happened.

Annoyed with someone

When you are annoyed with someone in your dream, it indicates that you are facing some problems at work. Rivals may make life a bit tough for you. This is an indication of hurdles that are about to come in the way of success.

Happy Dreams

To dream of being delighted with someone means good news is around the corner. Expect nice things happening in your life pretty soon! Your delight in the dream signals good times that lie ahead of you.



When you dream of celebrations it is actually a reflection of all the good things happening in your real life. Your family appearing in these celebrations is an indication of the support that you get in your endeavours.



If you dream of being in pain, it signifies that you are being too hard on yourself. Do not force yourself to do things you do not like. The feeling of being trapped in an unpleasant situation is what triggers such dreams.


To dream that you are sad about something means that good things are in store for you in the near future. You will excel in all work related projects and will have an impressive run in your workplace. Expect to hear good news!

Angels in dream

When you see angels in your dream, it signifies purity, goodness and comfort in your real life. It is related to your good deeds. Sometimes, you may even see yourself in the form of an angel! It means that you have been good to others.

Some Fun Facts about dreams


1. Dream Tenure

An average human being spends 6 whole years of his/her life dreaming.


2. Memory Limit

Only within five minutes since you are up from your sleep, an average person's dream is forgotten and in just 10 minutes, 90 percent of the dream is gone with the wind. However, if awakened at the REM (rapid eye movement sleep) stage, that person is more likely to remember the dream.


3. Eyes Don't Matter

Blind people can dream. People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams and those who were born blind dream as vividly, however, instead of seeing images, they use their other senses such as smell, sound, touch etc. to dream.


4. Entry Level

Toddlers don't star in their own dreams till they are about 3-4 years old.


5. Familiarity

You might not remember the person in your dream. However, a person only dreams of people he/she has encountered in life but it's impossible to keep track of thousands of faces that you come across each day.


6. Nightmares

Anxiety is the most common emotion that is experienced in dreams. Not only that, negative emotions are much more likely to occur than positive emotions in your dreams. So don't worry, you are not the only one getting nightmares frequently.


7. Sleeping beauty 'syndrome'

Louisa Ball, 15, who can sleep for days together when she first shuts her eyes to sleep. This british girl has a rare sleeping disorder - 'Sleeping beauty sickness'. The symptoms, causes or a cure for this disease are unknown to doctors. However, they say it only strikes teenagers and is likely to vanish by the age of 12-13 years.


8. Déjà vu

In a survey, it was found that between 18-38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive (future sight - acquisition of future information) dream and 70% experienced déjà vu. Furthermore, 63-98% people believe that it's possible to have a precognitive dream.