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A horoscope is an astrological chart that is calculated based upon the date, time and place of birth. A chart can also be calculated for an event, a question, and even a country! Symbols are used to represent planets, signs, and geometric connections called aspects. In a sense, an astrologer is 'reading' the information contained in your chart.

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Gemology as the name suggests, is study of Gem Stones. The Gems are classified as precious and semi-precious stones. Gems are classified into two categories - Hot and Cold. Pearl, Blue Sapphire and Topaz are reffered as Cold Gems, while Ruby, Diamond and Red Coral are known as Hot Gems.


dream Prediction


"Future belongs to those who believe in their Dreams"


Uncover the meanings of some very popular and common dreams. What to expect when you dream about someone you have lost, someone you love or when someone makes you angry in your dream?


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