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What is Vaastu?

Ritu Bala, renowned Online Astrologer practising Indian Vedic Astrology and comes from a long chain of proficient Astrologers. She has been consulted online by thousands of people looking for a horoscope reading and remedies for various problems.

This has been facilitated through more than 40 portals including her websites, blogs, forums, groups etc. that deal with Indian Vedic Astrology (Jyotish - a hindi term of Astrology),Vastu and Fengshui . She is connected to almost every renowned portal in order to stay in touch with the followers of Astrology & Vastu all over the world, besides her esteemed followers and clients.

These include people from all walks of life such as businessmen, housewives, students, professional etc. Ritu Bala has been associated with this profession for more than 20 years, as she has inherited a family legacy of her father and grandfather, who were acclaimed for their accuracy in predicting events based on personal horoscopes. She has carried out extensive research, studying more than 50,000 horoscopes. She has also successfully provided Vastu consultancy to many clients in India and abroad. Her clients come from diverse regions in India such as Leh, Uttaranchal, UP, Karnataka, Manipur, Assam, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai. Globally, she has provided consultancy to clients from the UK, USA, Nigeria, Canada, Italy, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Some of the testimonials of these satisfied clients can be viewed on homepage. During the Kargil War of 1999 in India, Ritu Bala was residing at Leh (Ladakh) and was consulted time and again by army personnel, who were deeply concerned about their safety and general well being. Her accurate predictions ensured that they came back to her to consult with her before making any move. In due course, many people developed faith in Astrology, driven by her goodwill and accuracy of predictions.

Evaluate Vaastu of House

Calculate your total score by writing down the points you attain for each aspect of your house. Also, in case you don’t have particular aspects we have specified below (e.g. a tube well or a garden) then the maximum score allowed = the total number of aspects being evaluated * 10.

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Vaastu Tips for Finance

Tips for vastu can help you replenish your life by wading away negative energies and bringing in prosperity. Indian vastu shastra has the power to improve your love life, working conditions, financial status and much more.

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Vaastu service

To get appointment regarding correction of the defect of your house - CLICK HERE

Check your Element

Your Birth Element

Check the ELEMENT which rules your life according to the HOUR you were born in. The DIRECTION suggested for your Element can be utilized to orientate furniture, doors, sleeping positions and much more

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